Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Valued.

Everyone’s story is unique. The Clapper experience means we want to see, hear and value your story. Your real, raw, unfiltered journey. Clapper app focuses on its community, where creators can foster real friendships and connect with a network of supporters, who will ultimately become their Clapper Fam.

Clapper app has a 17+ audience policy. No kids, just mature adults interacting and living their normal lives. No filters, no ads and no BS. Just real and candid lives.

We want to get to know YOU.

Through our popular features (Short videos, Livestreams and Radio) we want to experience your day-to-day lives. From cooking with your family and playing board games with friends, to skydiving and showing us your favorite hobby. It can be something as simple and genuine as sitting in front of your camera and telling people about your day. It’s all about you and the story you want to tell.


The Clapper Fam🧡